VKSTAR is a company operating in the field of international and domestic professional event management, tour management, dance training and supply.

Founded by young talented head Nguyen Lan Vy. She is a native of Hue, combining beauty of the traditional culture of the land of Co Do, carrying her spirit of studiousness, she was trained and graduated with a master’s degree in New Zealand, with experience in strategy. Businesses, specialized in the field of culture and art, deep knowledge in the field of economy, society. VKSTAR staff is dynamic, creative, professional and highly specialized, diversifying the field of activity.

VKSTAR is proud to be the first unit in Hue to hold a traditional art show featuring ao dai called “ao dai show” to promote the brand of ao dai, the special traditional culture of as well as introducing the Hue tourism brand to visitors and the public, contributing to promote the socio-economic development of the locality and the country.

Come to Hue City, come to VKSTAR Company, with the business philosophy: respect, prestige, sharing and friendly, we will provide you traditional cultural arts programs, Leading traditional products of Hue: traditional Lantern, traditional Ao Dai, poem hat, lotus paper … and other specialties of Hue. Besides, our company also organizes events on different topics, train and provide professional samples for other shows, organize tours and travel to meet the needs. Increasing demand, diversified, rich to customers. VKSTAR aims to be the leading cultural event organizer in Vietnam and the region