Seven Secrets of Failure: Why Users May Delete Your App

Like most startup founders, you’re probably wondering how best to get rid of unwanted users. Sure, more users mean more press, more word of mouth, more money, but they can also be a big hassle.

Growth means having to spend hours hiring new people to deal with stronger demand, investing in a bigger office, and having to decide what to do with all the money that has started to pour in.

If you’re worried that something like this might happen to you, rest assured. Here’s a list of seven ways to annoy your app’s users so much they’ll delete your app.

1. Build an app that’s slow, glitchy, and prone to crashes

There’s nothing like poor performance to irritate mobile app users.

According to a 2012 survey from Apigee, a Palo Alto based tech company that develops APIs, 44% of mobile users would delete an app immediately if it didn’t perform as expected.

The same survey showed that over 50% of those questioned would complain about an application’s poor performance to friends or colleagues (32%) or on a social media platform like Facebook or Twitter (21%).

If you’re looking to shed unwanted users and get some bad press while you’re at it, think about developing a mobile application with built in “freeze,” “crash,” and “glitch” functionality.

2. Ask your users for reviews every 20 seconds

Positive reviews are a great way to climb the rankings ladder in the App Store or on Google Play. That’s why you should constantly interrupt users to ask for their feedback.

According to Claire Hoppings, a blogger for the app news and reviews site Infinite Monkeys, some brands even force users to rate their app before they can continue using it. Genius!

When it comes to getting more visibility and downloads for your app, don’t let user experience get in the way of being number 1!

By giving your users as many opportunities as possible to say nice things about your app as possible, you’re effectively making sure they won’t. It’s a stunningly simple way to lose users.


3. Users like Ads. Serve up as many of them as possible

Advertisers and their dollars are way more important than the users who download your app. Be sure to keep them happy (the advertisers, that is) by offering up a constant stream of ads.

Follow this advice and you’re guaranteed to lose at least 53% of your users.

The same goes for alerts and notifications, of which you can never have too many. Don’t stop until your app is sending out at least one every 15 seconds.

4. Make user registration as invasive as possible

how to annoy your users

If there’s one thing I know about people, it’s that they like giving you access to tons of personal information for almost no reason.

Facebook account, email address, age, height, gender, shoe size . . . the more details, the better.

If you’re looking for foolproof way to get users to delete your app before they’ve even used it, ask them for data that isn’t directly related to your app’s main functionality.

5. Integrate too many In-App purchases

We all know that users are willing to pay for little extras that contribute to their experience when using an app. Why not double your money by adding twice as many in-app purchases?

Make sure to ask your users to pay for everything, from essential functionality to bonus features.

6. Don’t stress the User Interface-it’s the core functionality that counts

If your app offers a service that Users need, they won’t care if you build an ugly, unresponsive, or poorly-organized app. Not every UI has to be “delightful.”

Hey, you’re not developing the Mona Lisa. Make sure your app’s core functionality is in place and then slap together a design. It’s a good way to save money.


7. Turn your website into a mobile app

You spent all that time and money building a website. Why not get two times more bang for your buck by turning it into a mobile app?

Don’t worry about adding functionality for die-hard users, or differentiating the app from the site. All that takes time, energy, and thought-the three things you certainly don’t have enough of.

If you follow these 7 tips, you’re bound to have a mobile app which only gets downloaded once (or twice if you have a nice mom). If that’s not your goal, though, reach out to the Yalantis team. We’ll help you avoid these and a lot of other mistakes that mobile app startups make.

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